RoR Material

by RoR - Reflection of Reality

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RoR Material


released October 14, 2019


all rights reserved



RoR - Reflection of Reality Burghausen, Germany

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Track Name: RoR - Reflection of Reality - Empty Masses
Empty Masses
I walk through empty masses, I walk through emptiness
(2 Times)

Kept myself below the surface, ´cause I don´t know where I belong
All those colors ain´t beautiful to me,
New roots building up but desperation just defeats it all,
All those wonders are hypocritical illusions to me
(Chorus 1)

Beauty, we are unable to specify
Hoping that fear could be the key for getting strong
Seducing into the coldest loneliness, praying hoping life could make me feel save again
It kept yourself below the surface, being flooded all away
(Chorus 2)
Track Name: RoR - Reflection of Reality | - Art of Mankind
Art of Mankind
New life blocks the power of light
Independent of wants and needs
The makers force, its only vitality
Nothing but his second shadow
That building ain`t got no shelter
Not destroyed but built as a ruin
And all those mirrors have just been made,
to reflect unable to look through
That Prison you call freedom
How the hell shall you know
You`re full of hatred and pain
Your need for love has been silenced

Only visual senses reach the outside
All these impressions are getting blocked
Created lifeless forced to live
Life reflects on that human shell
(Chorus 1)
Hatred and fear have been thrown on me
The creator never had to stand
He would break down and die pathetically
Die pathetically left all …. alone
(Chorus 2)
I cannot tell if I´d rather die dead or alive, cannot tell
Cannot tell if I`d rather die dead or alive,
I could tell you that hope is the best feeling, cannot tell
Cannot tell if I´d rather die dead or alive
(2 Times)
(Bridge + Outro)
Track Name: RoR - Reflection of Reality | - One Way In - No Way Out
One Way in – No way out

Living familiar world but its reflections seem estranged
One raindrop falling and all those memories seem forgotten
Steadly these waves are sliding along the surface, whose face has cha(yai)nged
And seem to become blurred through the unclear distance far away
(Verse 1)

But beside… all that beauty… it is disturbing… my clear sight
Distract… Narrow mind… Well known sight… Confused blind perspective

Waves dull all my senses now
Just as it is my only wish
To keep that moving picture clear
I know that mirror hides another piece of the quest
(Chorus) 2 Times

Sitting more disappointed than the way he felt before
Controll that wave but lose your sense on that reality
Failing attempts to dive into the layer down below
`Cause every touch just twists all your expectations
(Verse 2)
(Chorus) 2Times
Track Name: RoR - Reflection of Reality | - Broken Cue
Broken Cue
Let me rest in peace from all of your help
`Cause time is just a running change
And all my inner screams only reach deaf ears
(Verse 1)
Apologize, but what have I done wrong
I´ve got no sympathy to reflect

Just let me go insane
`Cause all of these words are colliding on my name
I can`t feel no pain, because it´s all flushed away by shame
I can´t feel no pain,
`Cause all of these words are colliding on my name

Let me be handsome and I will feel lonely
Let me be ugly as I just feel ashamed
(Verse 2)
Track Name: RoR - Reflection of Reality - Jailed Thoughts
Jailed Thoughts

Playing with jailed thoughts again
It pulls you in that twister that makes you dependent on them
Simplicity now, doesn`t seem to have any conspiracy
Your crazed mind will just leach shadows over a sunbeam, yeah
Don´t try to pull it down
(Verse 1)

Pattern of insecurity
Gnaws at your bones, squeeze your lungs so you can feel yourself breathing
Makes you forget of… who you have become
And keeps reminding you of who you were, yeah
But you won´t be the only one for sure
(Verse 2)

Used to judge well now it´s me

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